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- aka the girl group appreciation post I've been dying to write

There are a lot of girl groups in kpop. And a lot of appreciation posts going around already. So why write one? Because I can and because I need to have something I can just direct link to friends. So here it is. Part one. Because if I pull the the group in here that I love it would be too much information. So bits and pieces it is.

Where to start was actually easy: f(x).

f(x) (’Eff-Ex’) is a formerly 5, now 4 member girl group under SM entertainment. (The S stands for Satan) They make catchy pop music and experiment a lot with sounds (and visuals) Basically the female equivalent to Shinee, SM Ent.’s other more experimental group. They have 'some' things in common and sometimes they collaborate. In 2015 they even dipped into the same sort of style almost at the same time. (See Shinee's View compared to f(x)'s 4 Walls.)

Even though their company is the devil, all the idols under SM seem to be a pretty tight knit group. Each member has kind of their own thing going on on the side. Victoria (group pleader) is an actress (mainly in China, where she is from), Luna just started a solo career.

Amber did so a while ago and is also songwriter (and occasional actress). Depending on if she does SM Ent. stuff or her own music her style widely differs. And Krystal acts as well, is a model and sometimes does reality shows (the best one being with her sister Jessica, former Girls Generation member.). Also everybody loves her.

Sulli has left the group to focus more on her acting.

Amber is also busy being my fav most of the time but seriously, just look at her. (Serioulsy, Amber is not only really attractive and talented but just an overall really beautiful and inspirational person. I will walk into a burning building for her.)

They have great chemistry and keep making fun of themselves, constantly. They are also really impressive live, even if the stage tries to drown them in rain.

Everything from them is worth listening to but if you just want to see what they are all about: Their 4Walls music video is #aesthetic pure. Their choreos are super nice.
Their debut was already amazing, (Sully and Krystal were only 15 at that time) their Red Light stages are iconic, Electric Shock is still a jam and the shirt lift choreo of Nu ABO was heaven sent.

They are incredibly sexy live when singing about vampires and have just overall wonderfully pretty songs, Ending Page, Beautiful Stranger, Snapshot or Toy.

In general their last three albums, Pink Tape, Red Light and 4Walls are some of the best albums that came out in the past few years. Most of their music is also on Spotify.

Next on the list: Mamamoo.

Mamamoo are possibly the best vocal group around at the moment. They are under a way smaller company but debuted with an already very impressive track. Their follow up Piano Man was what sealed the deal for me. (Have a random power point presentation about their awesomeness)

They have loads of fun on stage (all the time) and their vocal powers are just plain amazing. They dance a lot and are also very, very attractive. The kiss each other on live tv, are overall very intense (seriously turn your volume way down) and sometimes plain weird - but lovable.

Moonbyul is known by now for having a thing for f(x)'s Krystal. They keep an ongoing competition of insulting each other going all the time and they crossdress occasionally. They did some amazing covers on Immortal Songs, Delilah killed me and Passion Flower brought me back to life. and their two 2016 releases are both awesome.

Their music is also on spotify, they have only been around since 2014, but their dicography is already pretty solid.

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